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Dining Etiquettes

Dining Etiquettes

Dining Etiquette plays a crucial part in creating a favorable impression. They are indirect however significant clues to understand individuals and therefore are essential for personal and professional success. How one handles food can make and break a situation.Image Panorama offers you a programme on DiningEtiquette so that one can get it done effortlessly and in a polished way. Details are as follows:

  1. Basic Principles for Dining
  2. Different countries, culture and dining etiquette
  3. Different types of meals / parties
  4. Dining and host and/or guest
  5. Social graces and etiquette
  6. Napkin Etiquette
  7. Table layout and Table manners
  8. Silverware, flatware, glasses and cutlery
  9. Guidance on Specific food types etiquette
  10. Matching food and drink
  11. Conversation during meals

Besides that:

  1. Dressing and dining
  2. Makeup and grooming for meals
  3. Communication at dinner table
  4. Basic Etiquette for Dining

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