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Makeup to Makeover

“Best thing is to look natural and you need makeup to look natural.” - Coco Chanel

Makeup to Makeover

Most of us do pretty much to look more beautiful, right? We'll spend an entire Saturday at the salon and an entire paycheck on beauty products. In today's world, everybody is worried about how they look. Image Panorama is delighted to present a Makeup to Makeover workshop to provide multidimensional education about Makeup Application and Cosmetics which enables you to choose the right color, brand and usage of products as well as coach you about how to counter weakness and highlights your strength through makeup.

Who should attend?

  1. Teenagers- Who stepping into world of makeup and self-expression
  2. Professionals- Who want to learn tricks of the traits and not look made up
  3. Super Housewives- Who want to learn the art of applying makeup on them, right way
  4. Anybody and everybody– Who loves makeup


  1. Evaluation of makeup need- On basis of skin type and color, age and products
  2. Art in Everyday Makeup- Common Errors and Make under
  3. Smart Makeup Shopping- Sort out all Whys and hows of shopping and test quality
  4. Shelf Life and Care of Makeup products– Cosmetic Contamination and Guidelines for when to replace makeup
  5. Cosmetic Care Label– Decode symbols, allergy, side effects and cosmetic and medication
  6. Make up Tools– Makeup Brushes, their material, suitability and how to clean them
  7. Types of makeup– Day and party Makeup

For more details, please contact email at imagepanorama.in@gmail.com or call on 9953485680

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