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The Art of Grooming

The Art of Grooming

In almost every sphere of life, the world responds with a smile to someone who presents oneself with great grooming. "The Art of Grooming” sessions/ workshops will provide you with simple, effortless routines, habits and knowledge that contribute to complete well being.


  1. Understanding your own beauty needs
  2. This session will provide fresh and inspiring ideas to help you find a look to suit you.
  3. These sessions will have simple, basic routine and habits as well as extra that contribute new and special dimensions to your appearance.
  4. These sessions will also show you how to freshen, tone, pamper and maintain your whole body from top to toe.
  5. Once you have mastered the basics, you can solve your own particular beauty problems and try out new inspirational grooming ideas.

For more details, please contact email at imagepanorama.in@gmail.com or call on 9953485680

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