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Time Management

Time Management

Once a wise man had said “All that really belongs to us is time”. Time = life; therefore, wasting time means wasting life.Image Panorama is taking pride in coaching you in Mastering Time.Main motto of our programme is to impart relevant knowledge, sharpen the requisite skills and orient attitudes of participants so that they become more efficient with regard to the management of time.


  1. The concept of time and time management
  2. Uniqueness of time as a resource
  3. The cost of time
  4. Importance of and need for time management
  5. Causes of time mismanagement
  6. Urgency addiction and time management matrix
  7. Hard work vs. smart work
  8. Demands on one’s time
  9. Different time management styles
  10. Time cheaters and beaters
  11. Goal setting and planning for long term time management
  12. Short term time management
  13. Good ideas for time management
  14. Managing meetings effectively
  15. Steps towards better time manageme

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