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Wedding Image Makeover

Image Panorama’s Wedding Salon – For India’s Best wedding Image Makeover Consulting

Whether it's a big, marvelous wedding- or a secret intimate ceremony, selecting from gorgeous wedding dresses, or going with the fashion fads, focussing on culture- or the newest wedding fashion trends- brides, grooms and their families all want to look their best on wedding day however all are confused especially bride and groom, about their wedding wardrobe, wedding shopping, bride and groom makeup and wedding fashion. Even though they are ready to spend a fortune on their wedding shopping. As the wedding date fast approaches, the bride & groom and their families usually get nervous and anxious that things may not go according to wedding preparation.

Here is some good news for the bride & groom and their families who want absolute wedding preparation. bestest wedding image makeover, wedding and personnel shopping, bride and groom makeover.

Leave your anxiety on Image Panorama as they will give you a memorable wedding makeover,wedding planning and personal shopping for you and makeover as per your personality and events. Image Panorama curates an amazing bride and groom wardrobe. and also eases the burden of juggling wedding planning, work, and shopping. Moreover, they help you pick not just your outfits but create entire looks with the perfect accessories, hair, and makeup. Besides this you will be sorted for pre wedding photoshoots, pre wedding parties and meets, all wedding events, rituals and functions, post wedding events and festivals etc. Top of all these Image Panorama also takes care of your diet, health, fitness, social graces which give you holistic makeover and shows your inside glow out.So bottom line is that one stop solution for your holistic wedding makeover and wedding planning.

We will cover following topics for bride as well as groom makeover:

  1. Setting wedding goals and theme
  2. Personal grooming and Diet
  3. Personal Styling Consultation- Wardrobe Creation, Trousseau planning, Personal shopping for bride and groom etc
  4. Makeup and different makeover as for wedding theme, for all functions and events
  5. Social graces and wedding etiquette

Main Highlights of wedding Image Makeover Consultancy:

  1. Wedding goal setting is a process where you will come to know about yourself, your spouse, both families, their culture n tradition, marriage rituals, budget and will find out what exactly bride, groom and their families want from wedding and what all will be needed for wedding preparation.What type of wedding preparation should be, what are bride, groom and their families expectations from this wedding. What are the gaps and how to bridge them with proper wedding planning . This helps the bride, groom and their families in deciding themes for events and weddings. All these will eventually help them to decide their style, decoration, gifting and many other things and give you a unique and customized wedding and wedding image makeover.
  2. In this wedding Image makeover consultancy, Image Panorama will guide you for personal styling and trousseau planning. Wedding Image Makeover experts will help you to find correct, appropriate and coordinated outfits with your would be spouse, family & events, and make you people most stylish couples. Needless to say, wedding outfits need to reflect the personal style of the bride and groom as well as make them feel and look best and comfortable. Image Panorama assists you during wedding shopping to find out your best outfits in consideration with your lifestyle, personal style, body shape and personal coloring.We need to go through a process before stepping out for wedding shopping. Image Panorama is keeping track of the latest trends in wedding fashion and creating a holistic wedding Image Makeover for each and every event. For making a unique and dashing bride and groom, Image panorama works on outfits, accessories, jewelry, footwears, makeup, hairstyling and take care of each and every detail in coordination with budget, family culture and tradition, fashion trends and y body shape, postures, etiquette and social graces. Image Panorama offers personal shopping for bride and groom also for bespoke and customized wedding makeovers.
  3. Social graces and Etiquette will help you to develop common, social and appropriate knowledge for host, guest and event and help you to enjoy the most, handle awkward situations decently- hence wedding etiquette are making your wedding memorable and giving a strong foundation for this new start. They add a special charm to your personality.
  4. Personal grooming and diet will not only give the bride and groom a fresh and healthy look on W-Day however show them how one can be young, healthy and active throughout life. Beauty, health and wellness are important for a bride and groom to not just look great but also feel their best on their wedding day. The hectic planning process and the stress of celebrations turning out just perfect can take a toll, and just great makeup and hairstyling is not enough to be at your best. From getting those pearly whites for that priceless smile, to fresh and dewy skin, flawless hair cut and color- and most importantly a relaxed state of mind to enjoy your festivities to the full. Image Panorama helps you feel your most radiant inside and out on the most important day of your lives. We also provide wedding/ personal shopping for buying appropriate grooming products. Beauty, health and wellness services involve:
    Holistic Diet programme for Bride and groom (1) Skin care (2) Hair care (3) Personal care and grooming (4) How to book and get most out of your salon services (5) Mental And emotional Health Professionals
  5. Makeup to Makeover: How a bride looks at her wedding is as important as what she wears. That is why picking the right and different makeup and hairstyling are so important. Image Panorama understands your requirements, finds out your skin type, skin tone, face shape and suggests you the right makeup products and recommends you a different look which flatters your facial features and suits the theme of the functions, outfit and spouse. Please note that Image panorama is delighted to provide makeup service to their grooms and recommends them various aspects of groom makeover to create a perfect look on their special day.

Image Panorama's TIPS to Make Best out of Wedding Image Makeover

  • Research about the latest wedding trends, wedding image makeover, wedding shoppings on different websites and social media to get an idea about what you want and what is available.
  • Collect pictures of outfits, jewelry, accessories, footwears, makeup etc. And show it so that Image Panorama can understand your liking and disliking.
  • Determine the number and types of wedding events, function and festivities –pre wedding, during wedding and post wedding.
  • Plan your budget accordingly.
  • Once you have references, pictures and budget in mind, have detailed discussions with us about your vision and expectations. Share visual references for a clearer idea. Discuss all accessories in detail, like jewelry, mehendi designs, hairstyles and footwear to create looks that are perfectly balanced and distinctive.
  • Be clear about your time limits.

For more details, please contact email at imagepanorama.in@gmail.com or call on 9953485680

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