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Fit & Fashion

Fit & Fashion

Eating Healthy, Exercise for fitness, Clothes for beautiful fit and as per fashion


  • Common goal of achieving lasting health, fitness and beauty.
  • These sessions will provide you with a complete guide to health, fitness, grooming, wardrobe and beauty.
  • Find out how to make the best of your body shape with the help of diet, exercise and clothes General fitness and diet routine to fit into your daily routine.

A healthy diet involves eating foods that provide all the nourishment your body requires for growth , tissue repairs , energy to carry out vital internal processes and to make sure you are fit and active. Plan to suit your lifestyle, activity level and needs.

Exercise for general fitness and good fitness, Evaluation of body shape, tackling problem area.

Fabulous Wardrobe as per body shape; well-proportioned and balanced body; Dress slim and tall; Dress for petit es; styles that accommodate your figure during weight gain or loss; Guidelines for fabulous fit; recommendation on style, fabric, prints, textures etc.

For more details, please contact email at imagepanorama.in@gmail.com or call on 9953485680

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